What To Do When Dealing With A Towing Company

Traveling with our vehicles can be an enjoyable experience.  Sitting back listening to the radio, looking at the leaves fall off the trees or just taking the family out for a Sunday drive.  When we are out there the sense of freedom fills us like nothing else.  However, if something goes wrong and you are in need of a towing company in st paul mn, being prepared is your first priority.

Full charge on your cell phone

Before going anywhere, you want to have a full charge on your cell phone.  This will allow you to call and communicate with the towing company as well as anyone else you may need to call.  Taking a phone charger with you as well is a good idea but if the battery dies or if you can’t get the phone to charge, having a full charge will benefit you.

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Know your location

When traveling keep track of your location.  Look at mile markers, exits and even signs along the road.  As you travel consider hitting the trip counter on your car’s dashboard.  For example, after leaving a rest stop hit the trip counter.  This way if you break down and you are traveling in the same direction you can say x number of miles from Rest Area 2.

Bring extra food and water

Never travel without food and water.  Even if it is a few bottles of water, snacks or a box of cereal having these items in the car will help you while waiting for a tow.  You will also want to consider having a survival kit as well.  This can include clothing, medicine and a flashlight.  Make sure when you travel that you are traveling for the weather conditions.

Be patient

Be patient and make sure that you have a road side assistance plan.  This way you don’t have to come out of pocket for those tows.